Handmade porcelain for Fashion

Whitemans is a Portuguese brand whose foundations are design, craftsmanship, and the quality of its supplied services. We offer customers higher-quality handmade miniature porcelain to incorporate into their projects, honoring their project by exploring the porcelain potential to be crafted into the smallest size without losing detail or finishing quality.

Craftsman of porcelain

Specializing its work in miniature porcelain for fashion for more than forteen years, Whitemans Portugal is able to supply you with a wide range of colors to adjust your project to the trends in season and also to create the porcelain shape that fits perfectly in your existing project.

Our Services

Let us work together

We see every project has a challenge to our expertise. Each new design is an opportunity to explore the boundaries of miniature porcelain making. We would love to be challenged by your ideas. Let us work together!

Design Adjustments

We will carefully assess your project and make the necessary adjustment recommendations without compromising your initial idea so we can skillfully handcraft your design into porcelain.

Models and moulds execution

It takes knowledge and skill to make a perfect model and mould to reproduce an object. Executing a flawless model and mould of your project is crucial to attaining the ideal shape. Many times we need to be creative too to do so.

Porcelain craftsmanship

Production of the porcelain items. If necessary one sample is produced for clients approval.


White porcelain in itself is classic and exquisite. However, if you wish, we can handcraft your design with a custom-made color of your choice. We can use decals or hand painting for the finishing details and embellishments.

Request a sample

Physically touching porcelain is a very different experience from seeing an image online. If you wish to have this experience contact us, we will send you a sample.

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