About Whitemans Portugal

Whitemans - Craftsmen of small porcelain components

Whitemans is a Portuguese brand whose foundations are design, craftsmanship and the quality of its supplied services. By combining the craftsmanship tradition and the designs of its clients Whitemans seeks to surprise by exploring the porcelains potential to be crafted into small pieces without ever loosing detail or finishing quality.

Craftsman of porcelain

The brand was founded to answer the needs of those who want to integrate porcelain of higher quality into their projects. Whitemans

knowledge and work is focused only in small dimension items, in order to reach the highest quality and success for the projects of its clients.

How do we work?

By hand

All the work developed by Whitemans craftsmen is made entirely by hand and quality control is present in every step of the crafting.

In small size

Since its inception, Whitemans specialized its work in small sized porcelain components for fashion, jewellery and accessories.

With old craftsmen

Whitemans has a strong connection to the roots of the porcelain craft in Portugal, by continuously maintaing contact with porcelain masters there's a permanent exchange of wisdom between the old and wise and the young and curious which comes together as beautifully crafted pieces.

With respect

Being conscious of our surrounding nature Whitemans incorporates redunce, reuse and recycle thinking in all stages of production which improves all processes minimizing this way the impact of the company in the world's environment.

Working with our clients


Design evaluation

If necessary we will help you to adjust your project in order to be able to be produced in porcelain. At this stage we gather all information necessary such as final design, quantities, colours, final application, etc.


Models and mould production

In the second stage, the models and/or moulds based on clients project are produced for future porcelain production always in mind the number of units needed.


Porcelain craftsmanship

Production of the porcelain items. If necessary one sample is produced for clients approval.



In the final stage the porcelain item can be decorated by using ceramic decals or it can be hand painted.

Whitemans specialities

Availability of colours

Whitemans has a wide variety of colours and hues available from its stock but can also search for new shades in order to achieve a client final design.

Small size

Whitemans only crafts small sized pieces. Our clients know we are specialized in small dimensions and trust in our craft expertise to achieve perfection in their jewellery and/or accessory designs.

Some of our clients

´AFFAIRE Jewellery


Ana João Jewelry


Lia Gonçalves


Mette Scherning


Patricia Iglesias


Perlen Odense



Whitemans Portugal ®

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Ansião - Portugal

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e-mail : info@whitemans.pt